Our Services

Our properties just like water level in the well if we use water purposefully the decreased water level in the well filled later.

If we don’t use water the level of water remains the same suppose we add more water into the well it looks raise in the water level in movement but after sometime it comes to the original level.

If we use water unnecessarily and dry it then we have no water when we want to drink even though our well water will be raised later. So we take a little amount of water and use it towards real needy people. We eat for living and not live for eating man/woman should working until last his/her breathe.

we may not giving as light as the sun but we are giving as light as lamp and try to drive way darkness in the society

as able as we can then darkness drive way from the society then we will live peacefully and happily in such society . We hope we make such world!

For Generally poor peoples and children we are providing good education, nutritious food, sports and games, cultural activities, meditation and yoga. We are very particular in teaching them good behavior, how to be responsible to the situations, moral and spiritual values and civic senses which in deed helps in providing a healthy citizen to the society in our ATN Trust. The ATN Trust is always developing, supporting and now we are conducting a very special care of Men’s and Women’s Self-Help Group Teams also

Our ATN Trust’s Aims and Motivation is to Grow the Good Peoples and The Trust is Always work and service of social activities to the Publics for Anti-Hungry, Illutrate, Anti-Drugs, Anti-Caste violences and Anti-Terrorist ways.